Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma

Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma

Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma

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Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma (JMPT) is a journal dedicated to providing insight into the medical and psychological aspects of trauma and its treatment. JMPT is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding in the fields of trauma, healthcare, psychology, and mental well-being.


JMPT publishes high-impact research advancements, expert opinions, and clinical case studies related to trauma and its medical and psychological aspects. The journal provides a platform to disseminate evidence-based findings and foster discussion on emerging issues in the field. This journal is aimed at both health professionals and researchers and brings together practitioners and academics from diverse backgrounds in order to share and discuss new ideas, research questions, and findings.



Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma provides multiple advantages. Firstly, JMPT ensures fast and effective open access to everyone, without restrictions. Another advantage is the peer-review process, which ensures that all research is evaluated under the same standards and that only the most relevant research is published. Additionally, the journal publishes articles from experts in the field that provide valuable insights into the current research in the field. Finally, JMPT is committed to providing a rigorous and transparent process for the validation of research. 


JMPT provides researchers with a range of advantages. The open access publication model ensures that the research is available to a wide audience, while the peer-review process ensures that only high-quality research is accepted. 


Instructions for authors

The Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma (JMPT) is a leading open access journal that provides a unique platform for medical professionals and mental health professionals to share their knowledge, innovations, and research. It focuses on the clinical, psychological, and social aspects of medical and psychological trauma, as well as its more systemic implications for public health, psychology, and medical and psychiatric emergency. 


The journal encourages submissions from authors from all backgrounds and countries and welcomes contributions from both the clinical and research fields. All submitted papers are reviewed by at least two experts, and the authors are given feedback throughout the publication process. The journal publishes timely research that is relevant to the current literature and provides a reliable source of timely and relevant knowledge in the field. The journal also encourages authors to adhere to the ethical standards and guidelines set by the journal. Authors should always ensure that the research findings presented in their papers are accurate, complete, and original.


Editorial Board

The editorial board is composed of internationally renowned experts in the field of medical and psychological trauma, including leading clinicians, researchers, and practitioners. Each article submitted to the JMPT undergoes a rigorous peer-review process involving constructive feedback from independent reviewers. 


Article Processing Charge

Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma(JMPT) is open access, which enables anyone with an internet connection to access the journal content without subscription fees or similar restrictions. Authors of accepted papers are required to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC). The APC covers the cost of the infrastructure and support needed to manage the journal's production and review process, meaning that JMPT can continue to provide comprehensive research on psychological trauma.


Article Submission Procedure

Authors interested in submitting their work to the Journal of Medical and Psychological Trauma(JMPT) should ensure that the work has either been published previously or is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The submission of manuscripts should include a cover letter, tables and figures, and a separate title page that includes the name, email address, and institutional affiliation for each author. All manuscripts should be prepared according to the instructions provided in the JMPT Author Guidelines. Upon submission, all manuscripts will be reviewed for relevance, clarity, and quality by an external and anonymous peer review committee.


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