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Swimming Critical Velocity Physiological Meaning is Affected by Testing Distances

J. Fernandes Ricardo  1  2


Page Numbers  4-10

Effect of Neosaxitoxin on Epidural Anesthesia in Cats: a Promising Alternative to Conventional Anesthetics

Varela Xaviera  1 del Campo Miguel  1 Piron Robin  1 Sepulveda Joaquin  1 Bustamante Tamara  1 Hinzpeter Jaime  2 Lagos Nestor  1

Short Communication

Page Numbers  11-13

Brain Fatigue is a Critical Issue

Habibzadeh Nasim  1 Wood Daniel  2

Short Communication

Page Numbers  14-16

To Activate the Brain, Activate the Body First

Habibzadeh Nasim  1

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