International Journal of Coronaviruses

International Journal of Coronaviruses

International Journal of Coronaviruses

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Page Numbers  1-8

Prevalence of Covid 19 in Students Attended Al-Dora Family Medical Center for Covid 19 Test

Jaafar Kadhim Al-Ameri Rawa  1


Page Numbers  9-22

Marginal SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Increases Interferon and Balances Cytokine Gene Expression

Das Satadal  1 Chatterjee Debasmita  1 Paira Krishnendu  1


Page Numbers  23-27

Pandemic Impact on Population Structure

V. Ezepchuk Yurii  1 N. Skuratovskaya Larisa  1


Page Numbers  28-42

The Impact of Chest Computed Tomography in A Covid-19 Reference Hospital - First Wave - Distrito Federal - Brazil

Dias De Souza Gleim  1 Rodrigues Queiroz De Souza Luciana  2 Gomes De Souza Gabriela  3 Queiroz Souza Thales  4 Rodrigues Castro Ulysses  5 Guimaraes Ibiapina Adriano  6 Henrique Ramos Feitosa Paulo  7 Aron Ajzen Sergio  8

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