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Journal Overview

Journal of Psychological Disorders (JPD) is a journal dedicated to the dissemination of research related to the broad field of psychological disorders. It is devoted to topics including, but not limited to, clinical neuroscience, psychological assessments, and evidence-based treatments for a wide range of psychological disorders. The journal provides a platform for researchers to present their findings, with the aim of advancing the theoretical understanding, practical application, and clinical implications of knowledge related to psychological disorders.


The Journal of Psychological Disorders(JPD) publishes scholarly articles, original research, reviews, case reports, and other materials related to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. With an emphasis on the prevention and causes of psychological disorders. Additionally, the journal encourages research into the development of novel interventions, treatments, and ways to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illnesses. 



The articles in this journal focus on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of psychological disorders, with a particular emphasis on biopsychosocial approaches. It particularly welcomes papers that focus on the integration of multiple approaches to understanding and treating psychological disorders. The journal provides a platform for the presentation of the latest research findings and the exploration of ideas for improving psychological health. 


JPD offers authors an accelerated publication process, with papers accepted for publication within two weeks of initial submission. This journal also provides authors with immediate access to their work as soon as it is published, ensuring a fully open-access environment. 


Article Submission Procedure

The authors are encouraged to submit original research articles and systematic reviews extending the boundaries of available knowledge. A detailed guide for authors is available on the journal's website, which outlines the submission procedure. All manuscripts should be submitted online in the journal's online submission portal. After submission, authors are provided with a manuscript tracking system to monitor the progress of their manuscripts. The journal encourages authors to comply with the journal's policy and ethical guidelines in the field.


Instructions for authors 

By submitting to the Journal of Psychological Disorders(JPD), authors declare that their work has not been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere. It must also adhere to ethical publishing standards. Authors must follow the journal's guidelines throughout the submission process. Additionally, authors must submit the manuscript in a format consistent with the journal's specifications. The journal also publishes articles that review current evidence related to psychological disorders.


The aim of the Journal of Psychological Disorders(JPD) is to spread knowledge and understanding of present-day psychological disorder treatments and research. We invite authors to take part in our mission to spread knowledge by submitting their original research. The editorial team will ensure a rigorous peer-review process and provide helpful feedback to all authors.


Editorial Board 

The editorial board of the Journal of Psychological Disorders(JPD) is composed of experts from the field of psychology and related disciplines, from around the world. The board is renowned for its expertise in a wide array of psychological disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and psychophysiological disorders. The board also ensures that the journal is well-equipped to provide sound and innovative research in the field. 


The journal encourages authors to submit original research manuscripts that make a substantial contribution to the field. JPD also considers reviews, literature reviews, and clinical case studies. The board ensures that all manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer-review process before they are accepted for publication. All manuscripts are also required to adhere to the highest ethical standards and must adhere to the journal's policy on plagiarism and competing interests.


Article Processing Charges

In order to make the Journal of Psychological Disorders(JPD) accessible to everyone. This policy allows authors to distribute their articles without any restrictions, which increases the visibility and accessibility of their work. With this policy, JPD also supports authors in disseminating their research to the widest possible audience.

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