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International Journal of Surgical Techniques

International Journal of Surgical Techniques

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About The Journal

International Journal of Surgical Techniques(IJST) is dedicated to the advancement of surgical knowledge and accepting articles from all disciplines and areas of surgery, including evidence-based practice, laparoscopic surgery, and minimally invasive surgery. IJST offers authors the opportunity to publish their work in a unique style where each article is edited and published in a timely manner. IJST provides authors a forum to share their work and provides readers with up-to-date knowledge and advances in surgical techniques.



The Journal offers a range of benefits to authors, such as speedy publication of accepted articles, a comprehensive peer-review process, and professional editorial support. Additionally, the Journal is an open access platform that allows readers to access its content free of cost. The journal also makes sure that all articles are published in accordance with globally accepted standards and regulations, making the research easier to understand and reference. As a result, IJST ensures that the research of authors is disseminated expeditiously and reaches the maximum number of readers.


Instructions for authors

The submissions to the International Journal of Surgical Techniques(IJST) have to meet certain criteria including originality, novelty, scientific and technical merit, and relevance to the scope of the journal. Submissions should include all of the necessary elements, including research methods, results, discussion and conclusions, accompanying data, appendixes, and references, among others. Authors should ensure that the manuscript is properly formatted and all of the necessary elements are in place, with citations and references as needed. Prior to submission, authors are encouraged to read through the journal's Instructions for Authors, which can be accessed on the journal's official website. Upon submission, all manuscripts will undergo a rigorous process, to ensure the accuracy and quality of the articles featured in the journal. 


The journal is designed to provide a platform for researchers and surgeons to share their expertise and knowledge. It gives authors the opportunity to publish original and innovative work in the field of surgical techniques. The journal welcomes the submission of research articles, review articles, and case reports that address the clinical, educational, and technical aspects of surgery. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and must adhere to the highest standards of scholarly research. 


Editorial Board

The International Journal of Surgical Techniques(IJST) is dedicated to providing high-quality and timely surgical techniques research and reviews. Editors comprise experienced physicians and surgeons from different parts of the world. They evaluate submitted articles in accordance with the highest quality standards of peer review and publication, ensuring each paper reaches the highest stage of excellence. 


Article Processing Charges

Article processing charges (APCs) will apply when published in the International Journal of Surgical Techniques(IJST). These charges are necessary to cover the cost of making the work available to the public and ensuring the quality of articles published in the journal. The journal provides a valuable service to the surgical community by making the latest advancements in surgical technology available to a wide audience.


Submission Procedure 

Submission of manuscripts can be done online via the International Journal of Surgical Techniques(IJST)'s online manuscript submission system and authors can upload their manuscripts along with a cover letter. All manuscripts must adhere to the journal's guidelines for authors and all authors must sign a copyright agreement. 


The International Journal of Surgical Techniques welcomes authors to submit their original research and review articles and offers a forum for the dissemination of the latest developments in the field of Surgery and Surgical Techniques.

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