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Page Numbers  1-23

The Possibility of Using the Fresh Water Bivalve, Spathopsis Rubens, in The Nile River, El Mahmoudia Water Stream as Bioindicator For Pollution

H Radwan E  1 Abdel Mawgood A  2 Z Ghonim A  1 El Nagar R  1


Page Numbers  24-32

Improvement of Energy Network by Naturally Farming of Chlorophyll-bearing Algae: Effects of Culture Condition Changes for the Yield of Microalgae

Kobayashi Naoto  1


Page Numbers  33-51

The Prevalence of Intestinal Parasite Infection in El Behara Schoolchildren.

H. Radwan Eman  1 Abd El Rahman Hassan Amel  1 M. Lotfy Wael  2 Abd El-Mawgood Ahmed  3 M. Mashaal Hala  1


Page Numbers  52-71

Retracted: Impact of Chlorpyrifos on Mosquito Larvae as Bioindicator in El-Beheira Governorate, Egypt.

E Eissa Ebrahim  1 Radwan KH  2 Radwan EH  3 Abdel Hakeem N  3 Abdel Aziz KK  3 O Hashem H  4

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