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About The Journal

The International Journal of Ethology (IJE) is a renowned multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study and advancement of animal behavior. It offers the latest research in ethology and related fields such as neuroscience, psychology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, sociology and zoology. The journal encourages the submission of original research on the behavior of animals living in natural habitats and in laboratory settings. Additionally, International Journal of Ethology(IJE) publishes novel, state-of-the-art reviews and commentaries on important issues in the field. Papers submitted for publication undergo a rigorous review process to ensure the highest quality of research.


Advantages of publishing in Journal 

The International Journal of Ethology (IJE) is focuses on ethology and the study of animal behavior, and is designed to provide a platform for the scholarly exchange of the most current and innovative research from around the world. The International Journal of Ethology(IJE) publishes original research, reviews, and commentaries related to animal behavior, behavioral ecology, and related topics.

The IJE is devoted to advancing the understanding of animal behavior through the exchange of ideas and publication of the highest quality research. By publishing in the IJE, authors can communicate their work to a global audience and influence the course of future research. All manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Ethology(IJE) undergo rigorous peer review to ensure the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Moreover, the International Journal of Ethology( IJE) provides authors with the tools they need to make their research visible, including archiving in multiple databases, indexing of articles, and promotion through web-based resources. As a result, authors can increase their visibility and reach a larger audience with their research.


Instructions for authors 

The International Journal of Ethology (IJE) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes empirical research papers, theoretical papers, reviews, and commentaries in the field of ethology. The journal seeks to provide a forum for the dissemination of advances in ethology and to promote the use of ethological principles.


Authors interested in submitting a paper to the International Journal of Ethology(IJE) must follow the instructions for authors. Submissions should be made via the journal's online submission system and adhere to the journals accepted format and standards. All papers should be original and provide new information, ideas or insights. All papers must be supported by relevant data and references.


The International Journal of Ethology(IJE) is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, accuracy and integrity in publishing. All submitted papers are checked for plagiarism and undergo a peer review process. All papers must have at least two reviewers and must be approved by an editor before they can be considered for publication. The journal also encourages authors to ensure that their work is ethically sound, transparent, and reproducible. 


Editorial Board 

The journal is supervised by an esteemed editorial board composed of leading experts in the fields of ethology, ecology, zoology, and related fields. Their collective expertise spans the fields of animal behavior from lab-based studies to field investigations, ecological research, and clinical interventions. The members are responsible for reviewing submissions to ensure the highest quality standards, as well as providing input on research topics and journal organization.


International Journal of Ethology(IJE) is committed to maintaining a high scientific standard and providing a rigorous and timely peer review process. Its cutting-edge research coverage makes it the premier resource for scientists, clinicians, and other stakeholders in the ethology community. The journal is widely available online, making it easy for readers to access its content. With its distinguished editorial board and high-quality content, International Journal of Ethology(IJE) is the perfect choice for researchers and students in the area of animal behavior.



Article submission 

Publication in the International Journal of Ethology provides authors with a stable and citable reference for their work, as well as a platform for rapid publication, helping to ensure that their research is accessible as soon as possible. IJE is an open access journal, meaning all articles are available for free to readers. 

Authors interested in submitting their research should ensure that their work is original, unpublished and in accordance with the journals scope and guidelines. 

Submissions should include a cover letter containing a declaration that the work is original, has not been published before and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journal also offers expedited review and publication.

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