Journal of Dentistry And Oral Implants

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Dentistry And Oral Implants-Periodontal surgery-Alparslan Dilsiz


Department of Periodontology,
Faculty of Dentistry, Atatürk University.

+90 533 4760078

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Alparslan Dilsiz


Department of Periodontology,
Faculty of Dentistry, Atatürk University,
25240-Erzurum/ TURKEY

Research Interests:

Periodontal surgery, Dental implants, Laser therapy, Periodontal therapy, Tissue engineering, Bio materials.


  • Prof Dr. Alparslan Dilsiz was born in Erzurum, Turkey, in 1976. 
  • He has graduated from Atatürk University in 1998. 
  • He completed his Ph.D. in Atatürk University in 2003. 
  • He has been a member of the European Federation of Periodontology since 2003. 
  • He has fulfilled several studies on “Periodontology, Periodontal Surgery, Laser therapy and Dentistry” in and out of Turkey, he had some articles published in the eminent journals in field of Dentistry, particularly in field of Periodontology, and having attended several conferences in and out of Turkey. 
  • He has taken place in the Board of the Faculty of Dentistry in Atatürk University several times. 
  • He is maintaining some studies on Periodontology at the moment.