Journal of Agronomy Research

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Agronomy Research-Land Evaluation-Naser Honarjoo

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Islamic Azad University,

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Naser Honarjoo


Islamic Azad University,
Isfahan Khorasgan Branch.

Research Interests:

Land Evaluation, Soil Genesis, Soil Salinity, Soil Pollution.



  1. Aghasi, B., A. Jalalian and N. Honarjoo, 2010. Decline in soil quality as a result of land use change in ghare aghaj watershed of semirom, Isfahan, Iran. Afr. J. Agric. Res., 6: 992-997.
  2. Ayoubi, S., P.M. Karchegani, M.R. Mosaddeghi and N. Honarjoo, 2012. Soil aggregation and organic carbon as affected by topography and land use change in western Iran. Soil Tillage Res., 121: 18-26. 
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  7. Mojiri, A., A. Jalalian and N. Honarjoo, 2011. Comparision between keys to soil toxonomy and WRB in classification of soils in segzi plain (Iran). J. Applied Sci., 11: 579-583.