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Ophthalmic Science

ISSN 2470-0436

The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye. Several diseases affect the eye, either directly or as part of a system-wide problem. Many eye diseases have no early symptoms. They may be painless, and you may see no change in your vision until the disease has become quite advanced.

Mammal Research

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The Chief mission of Journal of Mammal Research is to publish the articles that focuses research on Mammals. Its scope covers all aspects of mammalian biology and ecology.

International Journal of Entomology

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International Journal of Entomology is an advanced peer-reviewed open access journal that supports rapid review publication of new, quality data in the field of entomology (experimental, systematic and applied).

Advances in Plant Biology

ISSN 2638-4469

The Journal of Advances in Plant Biology focuses primarily on the recent advances in biology and medicine. JAPB encourages researchers and academics to submit articles in the form of original research, reviews, case reports, letters, editorials, and short communications in the fields of botanical sciences, pharmaceutical science, and pharmacology.

Pediatric Health And Nutrition

ISSN 2691-5014

Adequate nutrition during infancy is essential for lifelong health and wellbeing. Infants should be exclusively breastfed for first six months of life. Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods, while continuing to breastfeed.

Breast Cancer Survival

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Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. It accounts for 16% of all female cancers and 22.9% of invasive cancers in women. 18.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide, including both males and females, are from breast cancer. Breast cancer rates are much higher in developed nations compared to developing ones.

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DNA And RNA Research
ISSN 2575-7881

Template Independent Synthesis of Nucleic Acid Libraries

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Neurological Research And Therapy
ISSN 2470-5020

Murky Water: Cyanobacteria, BMAA and ALS

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ISSN 2577-137X

Advanced Virological And Clinicopathological Studies On Cattle Suffering From Foot And Mouth Disease Virus

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International Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research
ISSN 2574-612X

Deficits in Psycho-Oncological Care among Turkish Immigrant Women with Breast Cancer in Germany – An Interview Study.

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International Journal of Personalized Medicine
ISSN Coming Soon

Storing Lesion-free Tooth Morphology for Biomorphic Dental Restoration Design

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Neurological Research And Therapy
ISSN 2470-5020

Myasthenia and Antisynthetase Antibody Syndrome: A Case Report in Togo

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Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers
ISSN 2572-3030

P16/INK4a and KI-67 Evaluation of Intraepithelial and Benign Cervical Lesions at the University College Hospital, Ibadan - A Retrospective Immunohistochemically Study

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Depression And Therapy
ISSN 2476-1710

Multivariate Analysis of Noise, Socioeconomic and Sociodemographic Factors and their Association with Depression on Borough Level in the City State of Hamburg, Germany

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ISSN Coming Soon

Development of the Hand


Editors In Chief

Jianzhong Sun
3d printing and applications

ISSN Coming Soon

School of The Environment, Jiangsu University

Benedetto Sacchetti N
bone marrow biology

ISSN Coming Soon

Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Histology Human and Ocular, 
Faculty of Sciences, 
School of Optics and Optometry, 

Jie Yin
antioxidant activity

ISSN 2471-2140

Institute of Subtropical Agriculture & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Hui Teng
advanced research in botany

ISSN Coming Soon

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Shahid Ullah
behavior therapy and mental health

ISSN 2474-9273

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics
College of Medicine and Public Health
Flinders University 

parasite research

ISSN 2690-6759

Rutgers University

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